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Schedule 2018

April 21 (Saturday NIGHT event)

May 20

September 9

October 27 (Saturday NIGHT event)

November 18

December 2

2018 By-Laws


Spring Points Challenge
CENLA-SCCA will be holding “points events”. Each regular event will be counted for points total. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each “Tour”.

1. January – May events.

2. Driver must run at least 3 events to qualify for the points challenge.

3. Driver must be an SCCA member to qualify for the points challenge.
All drivers rankings will be posted.

4. There will be awards for Class and PAX points.

5. Class points will be awarded each event for classes as follows:
a. 1st place 10 points
b. 2nd place 7 points
c. 3rd place 5 points
d. 4th points 3 points
e. 5th place 1 point

6. PAX points will be Points Method: Percentage (time#1/time * 100.000)

So don’t miss a single event!

Current points totals available HERE.


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