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2017 event schedule
CENLA does not run June-August but we will have other things happening!
September 17 (Sunday)
October 14 NIGHT EVENT! (Saturday)
November 5 (Sunday)
December 3 (Sunday)



NEW for this year!

“Yearly Tech/Wavier”

For a fee of $40, you can get sign the new yearly wavier form and get your car teched once! There will also be a special line (shorter) at the registration table just for these drivers.

We will still be doing a smaller spot check for those that are yearly teched but it will be VERY short.

So “how do you get in on this special deal?”

We will be starting this at the January 8th event. You MUST be at the registration table BY 8:30am. Latecomers will have to wait until the next event to sign up for this.

You may sign up for this at any event but will still pay the yearly fee of $40. So sign up early at the first event of the year!

Remember…all monies go back into the club fund to buy new equipment etc.

Any questions just post here. Answer to the first question that will be asked…yes…this has been ok’ed by SCCA.


Spring Tour Points Challenge
CENLA-SCCA will be holding “points events”. Each regular event will be counted for points total. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each “Tour”.

1. January – May events (Spring Tour).

2. Driver must run at least 3 events to qualify for the points challenge.

3. Driver must be an SCCA member to qualify for the points challenge.
All drivers rankings will be posted.

4. Prizes will be announced at a later date.

5. There will also be a Fall Tour from September – December.

6. There will be awards for Class and PAX points.

7. Points will be awarded each event for classes as follows:
a. 1st place 10 points
b. 2nd place 7 points
c. 3rd place 5 points
d. 4th points 3 points
e. 5th place 1 point

So don’t miss a single event!



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