Rotolo’s-CENLA 1st Annual EnduroCross 2/21/2016

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Rotolo's-CENLA Endurocross


Rotolo’s-CENLA 1st Annual EnduroCross 2/21/2016

So, what is an Endurocross?
An Endurocross is just like a normal autocross except instead of waiting for all the drivers to make their runs before you go again…you make all of your laps back to back without stopping. There will only be 1 car running on the course at a time. You will make 5-6 continuous laps without stopping.

What will the cost be?
$50 per driver.

How are the times “scored”?
There will also be some prizes for “total laps”. There will be some “single lap” prizes just like Autocross.

Do we get prizes/trophies per lap or per total lap times?
Both. Prizes are listed below.

What happens if I knock down a cone?
You receive a 2 second penalty just like a regular autocross.

What happens if I get a DNF during one of my “laps”?
There are no DNFs. You will have 10 seconds added to any DNF lap.

What happens on the next lap if I knock down a cone and the course workers don’t have time to “reset” it?
It will be the corner worker captain’s decision if you drove around where the cone “should have been” or not to record a DNF or not.

When/how are the prizes/trophies awarded?
We will have a ceremony about 30 minutes AFTER racing is done.

Do I have to be there to receive my prizes/trophies?
YES! No exceptions.

Will there be “live timing”?
NO…there will be NO timing shown at all. You will not know who won until the ceremony.

Will there be the normal SCCA autocross classes?

How many laps will there be?
It depends on how many racers sign up. It will probably be either 5-6 laps.

To keep the competition to a maximum, if there are not 3 racers in a class we will bump you to another class with the closest PAX value.

All decisions will be made by the CENLA Board of Directors. All decisions will be final.

Gift cards from our sponsor Rotolo’s Pizzeria will also be awarded!
Drivers can only win 1 cash and/or gift card in same “group”.

Group 1
Cash Prizes/$50 Rotolo’s gift card
$50/$50 Cash/Card – PAX single lap
$50/$50 Cash/Card – PAX multiple laps
$50/$50 Cash/Card – FTD single lap
$50/$50 Cash/Card – FTD multiple laps

Group 2
$20 Rotolo’s gift card each category Multiple laps
Street Prepared
Street R
Street Modified

Group 3
$10 Gift Card for 1st place winners in each class multiple laps
Trophies for first-third place winners in each class multiple laps

Some ad hoc prizes “may” be awarded.

Autocross Schedule:
-7:30 AM: Setup
-8:00 AM-9:15 AM: Registration and Tech
-9:15 Novice walk-thru
-09:45 AM: Driver’s Meeting
-10:15 AM: First Car Out



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